Win a Brew Soldier or Pry.Me Bottle Opener!

Win a Bottle Opener!

We are giving away three bottle openers each month! Choose between our penny-sized Pry.Me or our newly released Brew Soldier bottle opener.

Already bought your opener? Enter anyways and we will refund your opener if you win!

Winners will be notified by email and will have their first name/state put on our winner’s board!


Past Winners

1) May 2017 – Devin from Nevada: Original Brew Soldier

2) May 2017 – Aiden from Massachusetts: Original Brew Soldier

3) May 2017 – Lee from Texas: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

4) June 2017 – Fabien from Paris: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

5) June 2017 – Matthew from Australia: Original Pry.Me

6) June 2017 – Allison from Tennesse: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

Shop Now and we will refund you when you win!

1x Pry.Me Opener + 1x Split Ring. Sandstone finished titanium Pry.Me left in its natural color.


1x Pry.Me Opener + 1x Split Ring. Add some color to your Pry.Me by selecting one of four anodized colors.


1x Brew Soldier Opener + 1x Split Ring.