Our Story

About the Designer

I’ve been a mechanical engineer for the last five years with a passion for design and innovation. More recently, I’ve been using my craft to invent products with the aim of making everyone’s life a little simpler. Enter my first product, the Pry.Me Bottle Opener.

Born on Kickstarter

Pry.Me was first introduced to the world through Kickstarter. We knew we had created a truly unique product when our campaign was funded 500% over our original goal. The 1,600 openers going to the 900+ backers in 22 countries were delivered on time (something only about 25% of Kickstarter projects can claim). We received tremendous support and our backers were enthusiastic and excited about our product so we thought, why stop there!

Since our site launch in late 2016, Pry.Me has been racking up a list of great accomplishments:

  • World’s Smallest Bottle Opener
  • Recognized as one of the top gadgets of 2016 by GiGadgets. They have 6 Million Followers on Facebook and a fantastic website for all things gadget and gear related.
  • Being sold at MillerCoors Gift Shop in Golden, Colorado. They get 400,000 visitors a year so we were honored when they reached out to carry our product.
  • Getting the Orbital Grey Pry.Me finished in the same color (and by the same company) as the titanium components on the NASA Solar Arrays.

So, if you are looking for a penny-sized bottle opener, that can pull a car, you can hang from, and can have the same finish as the NASA Solar Arrays this is definitely the opener for you! Please join us on our amazing journey with the purchase of your very own Pry.Me.

Cheers from Brian and Team Pry.Me


Pry.Me is Patent Pending, Key Titan Products are Patent Pending