Brew Soldier is Live on Kickstarter!

Click here to go the to Brew Soldier Kickstarter Campaign

Our 7 day Brew Solider campaign is now live on Kickstarter. This campaign is part of a promotion Kickstarter is running called the “All in 1”. Rules are pretty simple…One Reward Tier and a 7-day Campaign.

What is Kickstarter? is a platform where creators share their idea with the world and attempt to raise the funding required to turn their idea into a full-blown product. Friends, fans and total strangers may then pledge money towards the projects and in return, they receive the product based on the delivery timeline on the project page. For Pry.Me, we were fortunate enough to be funded 500% over our original funding goal and in return the team pushed hard to make sure that all 1,500 openers were delivered on time to the 900 backers.

The big question is always, “What happens if the project does not get funded?”. If a project does not reach its funding goal, any pledge money that was put towards the campaign is fully refunded. Don’t worry, this is not our first rodeo.

Our Brew Soldier Kickstarter
Since we are only allowed to offer one product and no variations we thought we would do something special for our backers by unlocking the stretch goal before the campaign even starts! Crazy, right?

On our previous Kickstarter, Pry.Me, the team worked hard to ship rewards on time, something only 25% of Kickstarter projects can achieve! We are going to push it and will be shipping our rewards starting only 3 weeks after the campaign ends. A very fast turn time for a Kickstarter project but we are up for the challenge.

Let’s talk shipping:

Free Domestic Shipping
$5 Fixed International Shipping

This sounds sweet! How to I find the project? You can access the project by clicking here or you may search for Brew Solider on the Kickstarter website. Make sure to check it out, watch the video, share with friends and if you like what we are offering…become a backer 🙂

We hope you are as excited as we are to have the opportunity to participate in Kickstarter’s pretty awesome “All in 1” campaign!

Brian and Team Pry.Me