Pry.Me waits patiently in the shadows of your keys until that opportune moment when someone asks:

“Does anyone have a bottle opener?”

Always There, Always Ready…Go Ahead, Pry.Me

Pry.Me in Action


Hanging from a Pry.Me


One Pry.Me can hold up to 164,000 times its weight

Pry.Me Car Pull Test

Super Strong

Two Pry.Me openers hooked together can pull a car

Professional Pry.Me


Does not look like your typical bottle opener allowing you to remain professional but always beer ready



1x Brew Soldier Opener + 1x Split Ring.


1x Pry.Me Opener + 1x Split Ring. Add some color to your Pry.Me by selecting one of four anodized colors.


1x Pry.Me Opener + 1x Split Ring. Sandstone finished titanium Pry.Me left in its natural color.

What People Are Saying

“Like is definitely a understatement. I love my Pry.Me!” – Samuel

“Works GREAT! And, I forget it’s on my key chain most of the time :)” – Ryan

“Works perfectly! It’s so small you won’t even realize you have it on your keychain until you need it!” Kim

“Received two days ago in Italy, works perfectly!” – Emilio

“Thank you for a great product. These things are TINY. Pictures can’t show how small they are.” – Tim

Went straight from the mailbox to my fridge, it is awesome!” – Robert

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